The Illusion of Transition

When I approach a transition, it's easy to assume the new life will be the one I want - the life I've been waiting for. In this life I'll rise early and steal away to some breakfast place where everyone knows my name and my coffee order. I have a great exercise regimen and I take that fetching girl from the wine store out for brunch on Sundays. In the evenings, I lounge in the park until the day-color is gone and stroll with hands behind my back to dinner at a cafe with outside seating. I read more, dress better and wear my retainer every night.

But does that ever happen?

Next thing I know, I'm in the new place and there are still a few boxes in the corner and I have a new job that presents challenges I couldn't have anticipated and I get tired and eat poorly and go home and fall asleep on the couch.

All of the life I imagined becomes the same life I was living.

The reality is, we have to make a new life.

I think when we transition, the excitement comes with the possibility of change. There is always potential for the life we want, but we're met with the same barriers we have now, they're just in a different place.

After all, we are the same person. Our locale can't change us on its own.

I've also realized that there are people who get just what they want out of life. Regardless of a transition or not, they've captured the time in their days and created a life that works. It involves habits and consistency and discipline. We're great at beginning habits, but when they start working, it's easy to forget the reason we started and to slack off again.

Recently, my boss made a great point. He said:

It's mathematically impossible to be both average and extraordinary. Some people push through life believing that average actions and decisions will eventually add up to an extraordinary life - someday, they'll find themselves fulfilled or a lucky break will come along that delivers the perfect opportunity.

This never happens.

However, sustained and focused energy toward making ideas happen, regularly taking risks, engaging in hard work and consistency yields the life, the stories and the outcomes we dream about.

Only a few harness this energy.

This blog is about the pursuit of that energy, those risks and the new Story.

And the writing that comes as a result.