My roommate and best friend gets married today.

His whole family is in my house. I just sat on the front porch with his parents and they talked about how much they loved each other. How much they loved him and his bride.

What else it there? What else matters this much?

I don't know the magic that has to happen for two people to choose to spend the rest of their lives together but you know it when you see it. 

I'm sitting across the table from him right now as he's writing a letter to his soon to be bride and he's crying. Now I'm crying.

Unfortunately these moments don't happen as much as we'd like - but there's no other gift that weighs so much. It makes you feel alive. Like when you're coming out of a slump and you finally feel the wind on the back of your neck.

It's easy to believe the whole world is against you. It's much more difficult to live in the blind confidence that the world belongs to people who trust in the magic of love and connection. Flowers open up around their ankles. Sun perpetually shines on their eyelids. 

I'm going to miss having my brother under the same roof. I'm going to miss fighting over who gets to use the washer and dryer. 

But I'm so filled with joy. And I had to write this. 

I hope for each of you today that you stop for a minute and think about people you love. I hope you make the effort to ensure they know you love them. 

That's all for now. And as I sit at my computer, I hope you know that wherever you are in the world that there's plenty of love to go around. Make sure you find it.