Waiting to Touch a God

I can recall stories from Sunday school about throngs of people trying to touch the hem of Jesus' garments when he passed through town because they believed contact with him might heal them. 

Sadly, I've not listened to much Elvis. The main image I have of him doesn't involve his music at all - it has more to do with screaming fans reaching for him up on stage, hoping he'd come close enough for their fingers to graze his shins. 

Once I saw Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway. Reba McEntire played Annie. Afterward, we stood outside waiting for her to sign autographs. When she passed me, without even thinking I reached out to touch her elbow because - I don't know - maybe she had something I didn't.

If I could pick one of the greatest inhibitors to my forward progress in business or creative pursuits it would be the belief that there are voices out there who I must listen to before I can do my work. I'll sit down to publish something, then see one of my favorite bloggers just released a book - so I better go read that before I try to finish this blog because there's certainly something in there I should know. Or a speaker I admire just came out with an online course and, by golly, I can try the first three modules for free! Oh man - there's a new podcast out about the same thing I'm trying to write about. They probably say it better - I should listen to them before I have a go. 

There are a half-dozen tabs open in my browser I believe will deliver answers, inspiration, or providence as I endeavor to do good work. It's endless. I've mistakenly chosen to believe that digesting the work of others directly translates to me doing better work. But we know this isn't true. 

There's no such thing as receiving a blessing from that book or blog by that thought leader whose influence you desire. 

But there is such a thing as the curse of "I'll be ready when..."

Yes - read voraciously, research tirelessly, stay up on current events and know the cannon - but don't for a second believe that digesting the right information imbues you with the confidence to create what's already available to you. 

The blessing we're waiting for comes when we take the time to focus, do the work, and share it - regardless of how unordained we might feel.